I have to share this as it made me both scream like a girl and laugh out loud, almost simultaneously.

After putting the kids to bed I started to tidy up a couple of bits that they couldn’t put away. With my hands full I couldn’t put the light on so ventured into their playroom to offload the farm I was carrying. As I put it down I noticed they had left one of their toy bugs out. As it was dark I couldn’t tell what it was so I picked it up, held it quite close to my face for a better look and even gave it a little squeeze to try and ascertain what it was. At that point the toy bug buzzed and wriggled in my fingers! This is the point when I almost simultaneously squealed and laughed out very loud as I dropped what was now very apparently an actual bug. I put the light on to discover I had picked up and squeezed a huge bumble bee!

I shall always put the light on when tidying up the kids toys in the future!

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