Hoorah! A dedicated iPhone app for Posterous.

I’ve been looking forward to this for some time (we all knew it was in the making right?). It’s here and I love it. It’s a very straightforward interface, intuitive and has the features needed to put together your blog posts (like this one).


The ability to insert links would be a welcome addition but as a first release it’s brilliant!


Got it yet? Like it? It will be interesting to see where it leaves the PicPosterous app.

I have to include a “Wish List”: Ability to insert links, ability to place pictures anywhere in the body of the text, ability to edit existing posts… please 🙂

I can already see where the next update might make some changes. In settings there is an “autopost” menu item which leads to a page that suggests using your computer to change the autopost settings… I’m sure that’s a place holder for the feature to appear in a future update….


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