On Saturday 14th August, I finally managed to get my hands on both the iPad and iPhone 4. Yeah, I know, a little late to the party!

Anyway, I just wanted to record my initial reactions and thoughts to share with you.

The iPad is an amazing device. Everything is so intuitive and simple to use. Although I only had 10 minutes with it, I absolutely decided I must have one and fear that, had the credit card been in my back pocket, I would have done the deal there and then!

Everything ran smoothly, apps launched without delay and I even managed a few sentences with the touch keypad.  The usual apps (contacts, notes etc) are all designed specifically for iPad and are very nicely thought out and equally pleasurable to use.

I did feel that it would take some time to get used to both the on-screen keyboard and the form factor.  Although I managed a couple of sentences I found typing awkward (to be fair I wasn’t positioned ideally with the device but rather stood at an awkward angle with the device tethered to the display table).  Of course the on-screen keyboard takes up screen real estate so what looks like a nice sized screen for reading documents and viewing web pages suddenly diminishes to half (in landscape mode) it’s original size once the keyboard is invoked.  Just something to get used to.

It’s no surprise that the form factor made the device feel a little awkward to use.  It’s different.  As mentioned above, it was also tethered to the display table so there was little opportunity to sit with the device and try typing in different positions.

I would buy an iPad without having first thoroughly overcome either of the above.  They are clearly both something to get used to.

iPhone 4
There are two things that immediately jump out at you when you first pick up the iPhone 4.  The very first (if the device is switched off) is the form factor.  It looks beautiful, it looks fresh and it really looks like it means business.  I have to say though, that from the perspective of comfort, the 3GS (and 3G of course) are much nicer to hold.  The curvature of the rear housing makes the phone sit very comfortably in the hand.  In contrast, the iPhone 4 design feels less secure in the hand and, as a result, slightly less comfortable.

The next thing you notice, of course, is the display.  It’s simply devine.  It is an absolute pleasure to look at.  Everything is so crisp and clear, it’s certainly an incredible thing.

Two other elements of the iPhone 4 design immediately jumped out at me when I started playing with it.  Firstly the fluidity of everything.  The meatier processor clearly makes it’s presence known as everything feels much snappier and far more fluid.

The camera also clearly is leaps ahead of the 3GS.  it is immediately obvious that the new camera has a back-lit sensor as, comparing the same view and picture taken with it and the 3GS, the image is much brighter and (with the increase in MP) much crisper.

I want them both.  It’s as simple as that.  Ok, I think I would wait for the next iteration of iPhone as “that” antenna issue would annoy the hell out of me but the device is amazing.