The answer…. Copilot.


The reasons…. I got only a good review back from a question I put out on Twitter (thanks @jinx1965), it gets good reviews in general and it definitely supports multitasking in iOS4 (thanks for confirming @copilotlive).

Ok, Navigon also gets good reviews but the response I got back from Twitter (thanks @BBKing77) included some questionable behaviour relating to multitasking (most likely a short term bug to be fair) and some annoyance at it’s handling of toll roads in Florida.

The deciding factor though was the responsiveness of the companies.  I posted the same question to both @copilotlive and @NAVIGON_ and, thus far, only @copilotlive have responded.  That matters to me and indicates a company that doesn’t just listen to it’s customers but communicates with them.

So there it is, Copilot gets my recommendation.

Update: Navigon have also responded in a timely manner and confirmed iOS4 multitasking support in version 1.6.0 of the Navigon iPhone app.  Maybe that makes it a dead heat?