Today we celebrated the amazing but all too short life of Calum Wass. Though incredibly emotional and heart breaking, Calum’s life was celebrated in a way that was unique. From the obligatory casual dress code to the mandatory “odd socks”, songs performed by best friends, stories of Calum’s life and what made him so special and an entrance to the Rocky theme tune, the day has been amazing.  


I have not been so moved by such love and fondness on such a huge scale. Long Barn in Whiston was full to the brim with family and amazing friends, all celebrating a truly amazing guy while all being so devastated. Calum had an amazing 20 years of life, packing in much more than I have in 37 years. He also had so many amazing friends. He was truly an inspiration to all that knew him as he lived each & every day as if it were his last. I am honoured to have known him and thankful for the many fond memories I have of him. I have a renewed inspiration today and I shall carry that forward with me forever. Rest in peace Calum, you will NEVER be forgotten.


The photo was taken at Clumber Park, Notts in September 2009 and features Calum with his cousin (my son), Thomas.