Until the launch of the iPhone 4 I had convinced myself (didn’t take much) that I need an iPad. OK, start saving. The fund is growing (slowly) and will hopefully take a small leap forward in June (my birthday looms). 

Why the iPad?  It does most of what I want in the most beautiful of packages, with a great battery life. Most of what I do is read, browse, tweet and email. I write the occasional blog post which I assume I’ll get on with just fine on the touch keypad. The battery life of the iPad far surpasses that of my netbook and the instant-on via a single button press feature is just fantastic. 

But, now the iPhone 4 has been announced and it sports some amazing features. I spend a LOT of my online time on the iPhone and it works just about everywhere. If I were to purchase an iPad I would opt for the WiFi only model (I don’t want yet another monthly bill) which means it will really only get used at home or the local Starbucks or Costa. 

It’s a surprisingly touch call. The iPhone 4 represents the cheaper route (with upgrade costs and the price I can get for my 3GS factored in and average over a 24 month contract) but there’s not that much in it. 

Also, the 3GS is a great phone and does everything I already need it to do (and does so very well).  

Maybe the better balance is to keep the 3GS and get the iPad.  Maybe I won’t get either!  

Decisions decisions…… 

Update 15th June 2010: Ok, given the price of iPhone 4 my attention is now fully focussed on the iPad.