Wow, it’s been a busy time for Apple over the last few weeks. I’ve already decided I need an iPad and now they have released the iPhone 4.  Do I want one… yes.  Do I need one… of course not.  Would I buy one…. yes. 

So, what would compel me to buy the new iPhone 4?  After all, I have a fantastic phone in the iPhone 3GS.  My 3GS does everything I need it to do and it does it incredibly well.  I will also be able to run iOS4 and so gain all the benefits of multitasking, folders and so on. 

The new Retina display

Would I benefit from the new Retina display?  Not especially.  Of course it’s better than the current display (twice as good in fact) but I find the current 3GS display to be very good. 

Crisper would be better but it’s not what would sway me into an upgrade (I actually bought the 3GS on a pay-as-you-go deal as I already had a monthly O2 contract so I won’t be able to get an upgrade in that sense). 

The new Camera

Would I benefit from the improved (vastly improved) camera?  Yes.  I do think the 3GS camera is great.  It takes some very good pictures but when the light levels fade it does struggle.  That’s ok as I am used to it and can work around it.  Yet the improvements would obviously mean I can take more pictures.  Would it be enough to tempt me into upgrading?  Not really. 

Better battery performance

Of course I would benefit from increased battery performance, the longer the battery lasts the better.  I read that the battery in the iPhone 4 represents a 40% improvement in battery life over the current models.  That’s good.  Would it tempt me to buy the iPhone 4?  Not really.  Double the capacity or more may, on its own, tempt me to the iPhone 4 but 40% doesn’t make a huge difference.  Of course time will tell as people begin using the device. 

The new, thinner, more contemporary design

The new iPhone is thinner, it is awash with glass, it has that gorgeous stainless steel band (which also acts as a couple of antennas)… it’s better, clearly better.  Would that tempt me to buy?  Not really.  I do love the styling and I do feel like my 3GS just got a little old and tired looking but I wouldn’t buy for that reason alone. 

So why would I buy? I would buy the iPhone 4 because of all the reasons above, because it’s new, because it’s faster (the A4 1GHz processor, as used in the iPad) and because of the 100 or so other improvements made over the 3GS.  

Will I be buying one? No. Finances don’t permit it, unfortunately… but you can be sure that I’ll be doing my utmost to get one (and an iPad).

Of course opinions will be divided on the iPhone 4.  Android lovers will hate it, iPhone lovers will love it.  I am an iPhone lover and I make no apology for that.  Apple know how to make great consumer products.  The iPhone 4 is a great consumer product.