Ubuntu Netbook Edition

// May 8th, 2010 // Computing, Ubuntu

Ok, if you follow me on Twitter then you will have seen a brief note of the boot up and shut down times I noted between Ubuntu Netbook Edition (UNE) and Windows XP Home.  I have repeated them here for better clarity (it’s hard to note these things down in 140 characters).

So, here are the figures.  There’s still some work to do, I need to do a more accurate comparison by setting a password in XP.  For now, the figures as they stand…

Ubuntu Netbook Edition (UNE): v10.04
Windows XP Home SP3 (up to date, fresh install).
Computer: Advent 4100 (re-badged MSI Wind U100), updated to 2GB RAM.

Boot time (from pressing the power key to being able to navigate menus and open programs)

UNE: 1 minute
XP: 1 minute 9 seconds

So, the boot up times are close enough.  How things shape up when XP has a few more programs and reached the inevitable slow down, we will have to wait and see (and I will post an update at such a time).  There’s a couple of seconds to add for the password entry too but it’s still close.

Shut down time (from pressing the power key to a complete power off)

UNE: 5 seconds
XP: 34 seconds

A much bigger and (obviously) noticeable difference.

In use the two operating systems don’t feel very different in terms of the general speed.  However, XP is a recent (i.e., fresh) install so feel relatively sprightly right now.  I shall re-visit the times in a couple of months to see how both systems are holding up.