Either last week, or earlier this week (I forget), I had an email from Twitter informing me that I needed to reset my password. I duly did as I was told and despite a brief glitch in service all was back in full swing.

Today I launched an iPhone Twitter client that I haven’t used for a while (the last time being before I reset my password) and, of course, it failed to log-in.  I had forgotten about the password change so tried the client again.  After those two failed attempts I remembered the password change and updated the client’s stored password.  I tried logging in again but got a message to say my account was locked.  

I waited the stated 60 minutes and logged in again via the web interface.  Log in was successful so I launched my favourite iPhone client and it logged straight in.  

Great! Not!

I launched Tweetdeck and was asked for the correct password.  I updated it.  I then launched an iPhone Twitter app and it failed to log in.  I dutifully updated the password and re-launched only to be told the password (or username) was incorrect. It turns out the account is locked… AGAIN.

So, the problem with running multiple Twitter clients comes when you want to change your password.  As the Twitter clients I use all check the active account AS SOON AS YOU RUN THEM, they immediately fail to log in if you have changed your password.  After a couple of failed attempts (actual quantity not yet confirmed) your account is automatically locked and you have to wait 60 minutes for it to unlock itself.

It’s all a pain really, especially when you run several clients (for whatever reason).  I would much prefer being able to update the password for a particular client BEFORE launching it.

Just an annoyance / feature request(?).